Class SubContinuous2D

  extended by
      extended by
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All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Iterable, java.util.Collection, Continuous, Mutable, Space, SubSpace, RandomFunctions

public class SubContinuous2D
extends SubContinuous

A space containing a population of agents that exist within some continuous space.

Miles Parker
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Nested Class Summary
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CollectionSpace.ClosestDataPoint, CollectionSpace.ConditionalIterator, CollectionSpace.CSIterator, CollectionSpace.CSMutableIterator, CollectionSpace.ListMutableRandomIterator, CollectionSpace.ListRandomIterator, CollectionSpace.MutableSubIterator, CollectionSpace.SubIterator
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
collection, ESTIMATED_MAXIMUM_SIZE, extent, geometry
Constructor Summary
          Constructs a sub-continuous space.
SubContinuous2D(CoordinateDiscrete extent)
          Constructs a sub-continuous space.
Method Summary
 void populate()
          Populates the space and its super collection with clones of the prototype agent.
 void setSuperSpace(Space superSpace)
          Sets the super space for this sub collection, that is, the collection defined to contain a superset of this space's agents.
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coordinateSweep, distancePerIteration, findRandomCoordinate, getExtent, getSize, normalize, setSize
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add, addAll, calculateDistance, clear, getSuperSpace, moveAway, moveToward, remove, removeAll, retainAll
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add, calculateDistance, clone, conditionalIterator, conditionalIterator, construct, contains, containsAll, countWithin, createOrder, createSpatialConditional, deleteSweep, filter, find, findMaximum, findMaximum, findMaximumWithin, findMinimum, findMinimum, findMinimumWithin, findNearest, findNearest, findRandom, findRandom, findRandom, findRandom, findRandomWithin, findWithin, get, getContext, getGeometry, getRandom, hasWithin, initialize, isDeleteSweepNeeded, isEmpty, isMutable, isPeriodic, iterator, iteratorCount, iteratorToList, newLocation, newLocation, randomInRange, randomInRange, randomIs, randomizeOrder, randomToLimit, safeIterator, safeIterator, safeIterators, safeRandomIterator, set, setContext, setExtent, setExtent, setGeometry, setPeriodic, setRandom, size, toArray, toArray, toList, withinIterator
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equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
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Methods inherited from interface
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clear, deleteSweep, isDeleteSweepNeeded, newLocation, newLocation, remove
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equals, hashCode

Constructor Detail


public SubContinuous2D()
Constructs a sub-continuous space.


public SubContinuous2D(CoordinateDiscrete extent)
Constructs a sub-continuous space.

extent - a coordinate describing the size of this space
Method Detail


public void populate()
Description copied from class: SubCollection
Populates the space and its super collection with clones of the prototype agent. First removes any currently existing members from the super collection to prevent orphans. Prototype agent should be set before calling this method. (By default, the prototpye agent is a Node.)

Specified by:
populate in interface Space
populate in class SubCollection


public void setSuperSpace(Space superSpace)
Sets the super space for this sub collection, that is, the collection defined to contain a superset of this space's agents. Checks to ensure that the super space is the appropriate type.

Specified by:
setSuperSpace in interface SubSpace
setSuperSpace in class SubContinuous
superSpace - the collection to assign as super set

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