Package org.ascape.runtime.swing

Interface Summary
ViewPanZoomFrame A wrapper for JInternalFrame that provides an approriate sizing.

Class Summary
AgentSelectionManager The Class AgentSelectionManager.
AgentSelectionView The Class AgentSelectionView.
DesktopEnvironment Suppots all user environment ascapet of a running ascape app in a vm, including user frame, etc.
ModelApplet This class just provides a scape aware applet.
Navigator The Class Navigator.
SearchView The Class SearchView.
SpeedSliderView A view providing a slider to control the speed of the model.
SplashScreen Creates and displays a basic splash screen.
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SwingRunner Manages model runs in a Swing UI environment.
UserFrame A desktop (MDI) style environent for model exploration.
ViewFrameBridge A class allowing Frame, JFrame, and JInternalFrame to be used interchangebly, and providing general support for frame management.

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